Doug Hall

Doug is an inventor, author and entrepreneur.  He is a chemical engineer by education who rose to the rank of Master Marketing Inventor at Procter & Gamble  – inventing and shipping a record nine innovations in 12 months.
He is the Founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch.  The Ranch is a team of  professional inventors who create: 1) IDEAS for profitable growth, 2) Reliable SYSTEMS for growing a culture of never ending innovation with increased speed and decreased risk and 3) Curriculum for Colleges and Universities using their patent pending Cycles to Mastery™ teaching technology.
His current mission is to create a global transformation to an innovation mindset just as Dr. Deming transformed the mindset towards quality in the early 80’s.   The primary platform for making the flip to an innovation mindset is a new field of study called Innovation Engineering.   It’s taught as an undergraduate minor and graduate certificate on college campuses – through an Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification for business leaders.
Doug is the best selling author of four books.  He has starred in two network television series and a national radio program.  Doug wrote and performed a one man play on his dogsledding adventure recreating Admiral Peary’s last dash to the North Pole.   For his pioneering work in development of reliable innovation systems he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Maine and a Doctor of Laws from the University of Prince Edward Island.
Doug is a citizen of Canada and the USA.  He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have 3 children.  They split their time between Cincinnati Ohio ,USA and Springbrook Prince Edward Island, Canada.  He is passionate about sailing, cooking, bagpipes and cross country skiing.


Websites This is your link to all things Innovation Engineering. It provides connections to success stories, testimonials and more about Innovation Engineering. It provides a place where Innovation Engineering book readers, leadership institute graduates and companies committed to the system come to get ideas and to accelerate them to market faster with less risk. A consulting service that helps companies find, filter and fast track profitable innovations. Doug’s web site. If you’re reading this you are at it. It’s hosted within If you can’t sleep – you can listen to years of Brain Brew Radio broadcasts. It was broadcast nationally by PRI – Public Radio International. The Eureka! Ranch’s advanced concept research and forecasting system. Merwyn helps leaders make smarter decisions on innovations – early in the process – when there is still the time, energy and money to make improvements. This website provides News, Wit and Wisdom on all things innovation. It’s early in it’s development – and will be a long term process. The home of the Great Aspirations! parent workshop program. It provides free audio lessons and ideas to help parents inspire their children. The home of the USA National Innovation Marketplace. It connects inventors and companies so that they can understand what each others innovation needs and offers are in 2 minutes or less.


North Pole Tenderfoot A rookie’s adventures and misadventures walking in Admiral Peary’s footsteps.
Of all the books I’ve written this is my favorite for three reasons:
1) It’s a great adventure story that was a ton of fun to experience and write about.
2) It introduced me – and you – to the genuine American (and State of Maine) Hero – Admiral Robert Peary. This guy is a serious “rock star” when it comes to exploration.
3) The adventure detailed in this book – and the writing of it – helped me find my voice and purpose. It was from this adventure that the idea for what is now called Innovation Engineering was born.
The adventure and book raised over a million dollars in cash and service donations for a charity called Great Aspirations focused on helping parents inspire their kids. To listen to a FREE Parent Workshop on Inspiring Kids and to read sample chapters of the book along with audio, video and a photo gallery of my North Pole adventure visit:


Jump Start Your Business Brain This is currently my most “important book” It was a national best seller and named to Jack Covert’s prestigious list of the100 best business books of all time. The book details six principles for helping you think smarter and more creatively about innovation.Here’s a link to a Free MP3 Audio BookDownload entire album HERE … or listen online


Jump Start Your Brain version 2.0 The original version of this book got me hooked on writing books. In fact, there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting early in the morning with a cup of Eureka! Ranch Brain Brew coffee and typing some words onto the screen.I recently rewrote this book to version 2.0 – to correct some errors in the first edition. The book was written in partnership with my good friend David Wecker. We challenged each other to write text that either taught, inspired or made you laugh. If it didn’t do one of those three things it was rewritten until it did. When I did the rewrite I found myself still laughing which is a good sign.


Jump Start Your Marketing Brain This book is the foundation upon which Innovation Engineering is built. In the process of writing it I read thousands of academic articles and did thousands of hours of quantitative research in the writing of this book.It was originally published in hardcover as Meaningful Marketing (A title I hope to go back to in the next edition). It book won critical acclaim but it’s depth of numbers, facts and science prevented it from reaching the mass audience of Jump Start Your BUSINESS Brain. I did a redesign and rewrite to add some caffeinated energy to it – but quite frankly it is what it is.If you are looking for a genuinely DEEP DIVE into the complex world of sales and marketing – and don’t want to read thousands of academic articles – this book is for you.


Making The Courage Connection This book is very inspirational – and it came out 10 years to early. It was originally published as Maverick Mindset when the “” world was exploding and no admitted to having fear. The result was the book was a total bomb – from a commercial perspective.It features a blend of my personal stories and essays by by friend David Wecker of real-life profiles of people with the gumption to live their lives to the fullest.The publisher Simon and Schuster renamed the book Making the Courage Connection in paperback – again I think the original name of Maverick Mindset was better.


Videos & Radio Show

Key Note Speeches: Known for this truthfulness and inspirational energy, Doug’s speaking style blends wit and wisdom. Audiences leave his talks with a sense of urgency to take action and an understanding of the art and science of innovation.

Doug has a passion for using scientific methods to help people think smarter and more creatively to grow their profits. In addition to a lifetime’s work in the field, he’s quantitatively tested every significant system and method known for creating, communicating, and commercializing ideas. If it works, he uses, teaches and preaches about it. If it doesn’t it’s out.

Speech Video: This video has excerpts from various speeches that I’ve given.

Town Doctor: This segment from the CBC TV show Venture won a Gemini Award for best Reality TV segment in Canada. I’m given 48 hours to help three small businesses in Tofino BC.

University of Maine Commencement Address: This is the speech I gave at the University of Maine when I was presented with an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering. It is what I would want my children to hear at their graduation.

Best Spirit in the World: This is an unauthorized video of my feelings on what is the Best Spirit in the World. A ton of fun – made one saturday morning at the Ranch.

Innovation Engineering Video: This was filmed at the very first Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute at Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Maine.